Friday, June 3, 2011

Bottle Boys – Season 2, episode 3, “Out of the Frying Pan” 27 July 1985

This one started out with all the milkmen again sitting round the breakroom having their tea. The boss comes in and tells them they need to start upping the sales of eggs and he thought of a way to do it: having one of the milkman and a lovely young lady give a public egg-cooking demonstration! Dave is picked, but alas, finds out he has to wear a chicken suit to do it! (I wonder exactly how many TV shows are out there where one of the characters has to do this. I was actually not too long ago watching an episode of “That Girl” in which this happened as well….) So then I groaned about how stupid it was looking. But, no, Robin made it turn out quite fun. I’ve added a little clip from it below. After they finish the demonstration, they find they are locked out of the dairy building where they’d left their clothes! Of course. They drive to her place – I can’t remember why she didn’t drop him off at his place? – turning heads along the way. So then, they’re at her place changing out of their costumes, are in their underwear, and, naturally, her burly boyfriend shows up. “Dave” hides in the closet and throws on the girl’s wig and clothing and manages to make his escape. Finally, while waiting at the bus stop he sees two of his mates from the dairy who try to make the move on him.
Yeah, lots of predictable cliches, but for some reason I was laughing out loud at all of it !

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