Friday, June 17, 2011

Bottle Boys – Season 2, episode 6, “I Love Paris” 17 August 1985

This one was so funny! One of the milkmen, Billy, (David Auker, who’d also been in “Hans Brinker” with Robin) wins a trip for two to Paris. The rest of the gang all try to talk him into choosing them to go along….but Robin’s Dave is the quickest-witted and winds up tricking Billy into asking him. Thank goodness, because how funny would the show had been if he didn’t? I laughed out loud during the airplane ride segment! Dave had little experience with airplanes and his confusion and fear were both hilarious and adorable. Then…Paris, with all its misunderstood-language mishaps and a run-in with the French police which leads to Dave having visions of being guillotined. Mmmmm, Robin in 18th century French costume!!! I swear, WHO are these people out there on the internet saying this is the worst British sitcom ever? I could watch this episode over and over I liked it so much! One more final observation. Robin wears THE most ‘80s style sweatshirt covered by a denim vest decorated with those pop music buttons so popular at the time. Just kinda funny. I’m so used to him being “Mr. Ultra 70s” I guess I forget he went through that whole awful 1980s too.

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