Friday, June 10, 2011

Bottle Boys – Season 2, episode 5, “High Noon” 10 August 1985

The one just before this one is missing. Here's the synopsis of that:

Season 2, episode 4: “If the Cap Fits” 3 August 1985
Dave tries to win the chicken-selling drive in order to secure promotion.

Now onto "High Noon":

Probably the least funny and most predictable one of the lot. A milkman from a rival dairy has started making deliveries to a wealthy neighborhood on Dawson’s Dairy’s route. Robin’s Dave gets annoyed and vows to go to the guy’s house and give him a piece of his mind. Of course, when he gets there the guy turns out to be big and scary and challenges Dave to meet up the next day for a fight. Dave studies up with a karate book, and we are treated to a bunch of his wacky moves. Terrified, he shows up for the fight and bravely goes up against the guy…..only just in time the guy’s wife shows up to bawl him out for making deliveries to that new neighborhood because of the high-class housewives who live there – and forbids him from ever doing so again. The guy slinks off, defeated, and Dave has saved face with his buddies!

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