Friday, June 24, 2011

Bottle Boys – Season 2, episode 7, “The Milk Cup Runneth Over” 24 August 1985

This very last episode was a letdown. Not very interesting nor very funny. Robin’s Dave is trying to obtain at ticket to a football match. First he tries to get it when it goes on sale but after getting into a fight with a fan of the opposing team is hauled out of line by a policeman. Then he goes around town following up on leads about who may have a ticket to sell. Finally he gets one from a scalper outside the stadium but is turned away at the gate for having bought a ticket to last week’s game! Ho hum.

But overall, I enjoyed the series, and still need to see the 4 lost episodes. If they ever come out in boxed-set form, I’ll definitely be buying it!!
PLEASE request it by contacting: Network DVD Thank you!

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