Friday, May 27, 2011

Bottle Boys – Season 2, episode 2, “I Gotta Horse” 20 July 1985

The first episode of season two is one of the missing ones so first I'll give you the synopsis of that one, according to the BFI website:

Season 2, episode 1: “Things that go bump in the night.” 13 July 1985
Stan loses the key to the depot safe so Dave Deacon offers to spend the night in the dairy to guard the cash

Now on to my viewing of episode 2:

One of the milkmen is found to have a special ability to pick winning horses….so of course the rest of the gang use his info to make some bets. They keep winning….and then the TV set blows up. Hilarity ensues as they rush around town trying to find a place where they can watch/listen to the results and also a phone where they can phone in their bets. Ah, remember those quaint days before cell phones? Anyway, they keep on winning until (bet you couldn’t’ve guessed it!) the guy’s psychic ability gets confused by two horses with the same name and, boo hoo, they lose everything. Robin’s riding a hyper high in this one!

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