Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bottle Boys Season 1, episode 5, “One Good Turn” 29 September 1984

The guys at the dairy have agreed to put on a comedy show to benefit charity. They are having a hard time selling tickets so Dave says he can get “Bernie Winters” to perform. I guess this is some famous comedian of the time but I never heard of him before so the jokes pertaining to him kinda flew over my head. Anyway, Dave calls him up, but accidentally gets a “Benny Winters”, car salesman, to come round for a meeting about the show instead! Ha ha. After that’s taken care of, they still have the problem of having promoted (and sold lots of tickets to!) a “Bernie Winters” show, so Dave tries to dress up as the guy and try out the costume at the pub. When who should walk in but the REAL Bernie Winters! Not really recognizing him, Dave tries to talk HIM into impersonating the comedian but winds up insulting the guy instead and too late finds out it had really been him. Luckily, at the show, Bernie has a change of heart and shows up just in the nick of time to save the show! Yay!

Funny stuff! I laughed at all Robin’s scrambling around trying to work things out, especially while carrying a big stuffed dog!

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