Friday, May 6, 2011

Bottle Boys Season 1, episode 4, “All in a Day’s Work” 22 September 1984

No work getting done in this episode – funny how this is supposed to be about milkmen on the job (I’m assuming) yet you never see them “on the job”. In this episode one of them is out sick, so Robin’s Dave is sent around to bring him some things to cheer him up. Humorous part where the woman doctor arrives and thinks Dave is the patient, but of course that’s been done before loads of times. But uniquely cute when it’s Robin! A couple of the other milkmen then arrive by then and when they all leave the guy’s building, they get stuck together in the elevator! More fun! Some funny but predictable gags, including ones about having to pee and resorting to cannibalism. At the end they get an electric shock trying to figure out what went wrong with the buttons. All I need to say is that Robin looks especially hot in this one, and my is his hair sparkly shiny!

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