Friday, April 29, 2011

Bottle Boys Season 1, episode 3 “Danger, Woman at Work” 15 September 1984

The same wonderful person who sent me last week’s offering also sent me the 9 episodes of “Bottle Boys” he had. I’ve been looking for this show forever!!!! Although unfavorable reviews here and there on the web had me a little leary. Was it really “the worst British sitcom ever”??? Now that I’ve seen these 9 episodes I can say no. They’re actually very cute and funny. Originally I had had the notion that they’d be a continuation of the “Confessions” movies. Something about a milkman servicing every need of each housewife on his route. But, no, nothing like that. It’s all very innocent and light-hearted. Robin has said of the show that by the ‘80s comedy in the UK was getting more restrictive, and they were unable to do the kinds of humor popular in the ‘70s. Nevertheless, this was a good, solid comedy that shouldn’t be dismissed as it seems to be. It should be released on DVD. I promise to buy it, as there are a few episodes I still need to see! Who over there has something against Robin Askwith, I’d like to know!! It’s like pulling teeth to get all his series officially released!!!! And yet, our American PBS carries at least a million of truly the MOST god-awful things that have ever come out of Britian. Ugh, it frustrates me to no end. Our local PBS station, Oregon’s OPB, is a wasteland of BAD British comedy on Saturday nights. Something called “My Hero”? I think? I’m not even going to put energy into looking it up. About a woman whose boyfriend is a superhero? OOOOH is it bad. And some other thing, don’t know the name ‘cuz I don’t watch it but it stars Geofferey Palmer (who is a good actor, he’s in lots of other things) as the husband of a middle-aged woman (no not “Butterflies” I didn’t mind that one) but OOOOH is it mind-numbingly DULL! Britian must have some deal with PBS that says, “Okaaayyyy, if you want our Dr. Who you need to ALSO take these 10 OTHER shows…..!”

Whew. OK, long-winded rant over. But nothing makes me more furious than Robin’s stuff stuck somewhere on a back shelf in storage and absolute JUNK thrust at us instead!

Finally, on to the review of the first episode I have of “Bottle Boys”:

An elderly milkman is retiring, so he needs to be replaced with someone new. This is a time when things are getting more “PC” so the job placement office has renamed the position “Milkperson” and sends along a woman to fill the job. Of course, for the laugh factor, it has to be a stuffy-snooty type of woman that gets right to work fancy-ing up the breakroom with flowered sofas and a feminine tea set. Also rips down all the pornography on the walls. The guys don’t appreciate any of this and set up a plan to force her to quit. The boss doesn’t allow husbands and wives to work together so Robin’s “Dave Deacon” is nominated to ask her to marry him – much to his dismay. Some funny moments as he akwardly attempts this feat – and discovers she is desperately attracted to him!

Good glimpse of Robin’s arms in one of the scenes…wearing a skintight bright pink sleeveless top!

The first two episodes, which I still need to see are:

1. "Fools Rush In" 1 September 1984: "Dave Deacon finds an elderly customer on a sixth floor windowsill, threatening suicide."

2. "God Save Our Dairy" 8 September 1984: "Dawson Dairy is on the rocks and the staff rally to fight for their jobs."


  1. Just think Su, you are probably the only person in America who has ever seen Bottle Boys. Even in the UK I don’t think it has ever been repeated since it originally aired in 1984.

    It would be great to see the full series released on DVD, especially as there are a couple of episodes that are currently eluding us. If there is justification for releasing both series of “Yus, My Dear” on DVD I don’t see why Bottle Boys can’t be sprung from obscurity.

  2. Neat thought, me being the only person in America to have seen it!!! Except probably for those who have moved here from the UK. There are a few ex-Brits here in town I know of and I keep wanting to ask them if they know who Robin is...but then I get too embarrassed, hehe.

    Maybe you can get a group started up over there and campaign for an official release??

  3. The DVD company that releases lots of sitcoms/old TV series here in the UK is Network, if any company were going to put Bottle Boys out on DVD it would be them.

    Maybe you should drop them an email suggesting they should release it, or start a group on Facebook campaigning for it to be released on DVD, I’d join!!!

  4. Oh, good idea. I just went over to FB and saw they do have an official Network DVD group. I'll just join that and ask about Bottle Boys.