Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOOKING FOR…ITV Saturday Night Theatre “The Full Cheddar” – 1969? 1971? (Season 2, Episode 12)

Occasionally I’ll post some movie or TV show I’m having a tough time finding! From my research it seems that the “ITV Saturday Night Theater” was a kind of “movie of the week” type thing. I don’t know if these even exist anymore, or were just played once and erased? One discrepancy is that the IMBD lists this episode as broadcast in 1969, yet Robin, in his autobiography, had it scheduled in his 1971 diary: he has it down to be filmed from May 30 – June 14 of that year! Odd.

The few details IMBD lists: the plot:

“A teacher's concentration frequently wanders as he fantasizes about living a different life.”

And the character Robin plays: “Bassett”. An actor named Daniel Massey plays the teacher character of Fred Instance.

Sorry, that’s it! Can someone help me track this one down?

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  1. Can't be traced, as yet - I'm stilllooking myself. Incidentally, the British Film Institueconfirms that the original UK televsion transmission date was 22 November 1969 between 22:10 and 23:00 hours. Robin's 'diary' entry is obviously wrong, but then again, there a lot of inconsistencies in his book.