Friday, May 21, 2010

Carry On Girls - 1973

Not too hard to find, I found an old VHS copy on Amazon for cheap. They also carry it on DVD for American systems for around $11. It was watchable, and gave me a few laughs. Kind of a cross between “Benny Hill” (which I loathe) and “Fawlty Towers” (which I love). Apparently there’s a whole slew of these Carry On movies in England, but thank goodness Robin is only in this one so I need not see any more.

The story is about a gloomy English seaside tourist town (which I could relate to, as I currently live in gloomy coastal Oregon) whose mayor decides to drum up business by holding a beauty contest. Needless to say, a women’s lib group organizes protests and sabotages. Lots of busty women running around in bikinis and dirty old men leering at them. (See what I mean about Benny Hill?) Robin is adorable as the photographer Larry Prodworthy who is hired to take publicity photos. He also inexplicably happens to be the son of the leader of the women’s group protesting the event. It’s not a huge role, but still gets a lot of screen time…always seems to be there flashing away with his camera. His character is pretty benign, unfortunately doesn’t get naked or have any love scenes. There is one scene where he must take photos of one of the contestants who is riding a donkey into a hotel lobby (don’t ask!) and he gets that “Oh my god, I’m in love!” look on his face when he sees her. I thought that may lead to something good between him and her later on, but nope, sorry, that bit of foreshadowing is forgotten.

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