Friday, May 7, 2010

Evil Calls: The Raven – 2007

Wonderful, just wonderful (said sarcastically). I find that Robin is back to making horror movies in modern times and am thrilled that finally there’ll be something that’ll be easy to just rent off of Netflix, rather than hunting down and purchasing in the back alleys of the internet. Wrong. When it comes to Robin Askwith, apparently nothing is just that simple. Despite coming out 3 years ago, Netflix doesn’t carry it. Neither does Amazon. Someone online mentions you have to buy the DVD through the production company’s website, So I head over, prepared to shell out some money, but am unable to find where it is I’m supposed to buy it. I email someone on the site about it, but they never get back to me. Does anyone WANT this movie to be seen?? Unfortunately, as they’ve been this wildly successful with this one, they’re doing a sequel, this year, 2010, titled “Back2Hell”. Goodness, what exactly do I need to do to SEE these things?

On a “I’ll take what I can get” note: On the website I mentioned above, there are clips from the film, which looks like it could be pretty interesting. AND! An interview with Robin! Who looks absolutely amazing for his 57 (at that point) years. Still his sparkling blond hair, charming wit and dazzling grin. Sigh.

Hopefully coming some day…an update of this “review”.

April 22, 2011 UPDATE!!! Finally saw it! See the review here!

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  1. Not totally sure where I got my copy of Evil Calls from, possibly the House of Fear website itself, or, or even Fantastic Films International website. One of those, definately.