Friday, May 28, 2010

Gozo Adventures – 2008?

Here's something you can watch for free! Robin narrates a little promotional travel video for his beloved adopted country of Gozo, an island near Malta in the Mediterranean.

At first I didn't think it sounded like him, but what do you expect? His voice has deepened and matured. It has the quality of a distinguished English gentleman now. The more I listened, the more I found the familiar inflections of his old self, though! He helps paint an impressive picture of Gozo (well, the video helps too!) as a historical, adventurous but relaxing escape. Looks beautiful there, I would love to visit. We’ve long been talking about a family cruise vacation in the Mediterranean, and I saw where Disney cruises offer a shore excursion to Gozo, so who knows? Maybe we’ll make it there one day. I see myself hopping off the boat, seeing Robin lazily lying on the beach….in skimpy 1970s swim trunks of course….mmmmm…. ;) OK, not to worry, Robin, my husband and son definitely won’t be letting me out unchaperoned!

Oh! Something else Gozo/Robin related I found recently:

Nice photo! Nice peek inside his home! His decorating style is too modern for my liking though.

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