Friday, May 14, 2010

Benidorm - 2009

There’s a TV series in England right now that will be soon going into its 4th season. When I heard that Robin made an appearance in season 3 I knew I had to get ahold of it. If you go to their website, they meanly do not let anyone outside of the U.K. view its clips, interviews, or anything. So, what’s an American to do? Go underground, of course. I found someone online who converts current British shows to DVRs for Americans to watch. Pretty cool. I bought the entire season 3 for $20. Even though Robin is only in episode 4, I didn’t mind watching the complete season. It wasn’t hard to get into, even if you haven’t seen the prior seasons. It’s about a group of English vacationers who for some reason travel to a Benidorm, Spain resort area every summer. It is absolutely hilarious! The characters are a scream. And oh, so horrible looking! Overweight, tackily dressed, brash personalities, makes me feel a little bit better about being an American – ha ha, those Brits aren’t as dignified as everyone thinks! They’re just as boorish on vacation to foreign lands as we are! Hmmm. Could that be the reason they don’t make it easy for us to view this show? ;)

So…Robin’s role. He plays Gary, a conman who appears at the resort and fast-talks people out of their money. And plays the role so well! He talks so quickly and convincingly you have a hard time figuring out what hit you until he’s gone. All the while still with the same mannerisms he had in his 20s, so cool to watch.

Although…I must admit, he’s looking rather weathered in this. I’m not quite sure I understand that –remember how young he looked in the “Evil Calls” interview from just 3 years ago. Did he really age that fast in such a short time? Or did the Benidorm people try to make him look older for the role? He does have a makeout scene worthy of his ‘70s self, though! In the elevator with one of the main characters who had been in cahoots with him from the start.

Fun show, and I do hope he'll be back on next season!

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