Friday, September 30, 2011

"Scramble" update

I am considering myself very fortunate for having seen 2 of the 3 "Children's Film Foundation" movies Robin has appeared in since having originally written my description of each here.

The hunt continues on for "Scramble" though. I feel myself getting closer. I know someone out there DOES have a copy of it and DOES have the ability to upload it to YouTube because...ta da! is what I've found so far: The first 4 minutes and 45 seconds! Unfortunately, Robin is not in the first 4 minutes and 45 seconds, sigh.

This person has uploaded quite a few clips from the CFF films, but does not seem to have whole episodes. He has not responded to my query about Scramble. So, we'll see if anything more promising will come out of this. You can also see the first 5 minutes of "Hostages" which Robin IS in! As well as the first 5 minutes of "Hide and Seek" which he is not.

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