Friday, September 16, 2011

On The House – 1971 – (season 2, 6 episodes)

Since I started this blog I’d been hoping against hope that this series would be made available on DVD by the time I’d come to the end of accessing what was already out there. Here we are, a year and a half later, and still no sign of it. I’ve seen a VHS of some episodes from season 1 on Amazon UK, but that’s it. Recently, on my latest hunt for it I did come across ONE clip that included Robin (from "Take Me to your Leader" (#2.3) 6 May 1971 ) which can be found here but I also downloaded it and uploaded it to YouTube in case the original page gets taken down. Ooooh, how I want to see this show!

Please, please, contact NETWORK DVD here and let them know you want to see it too! They are an amazing company which puts out all the interesting old British shows. I’ve already made a few requests to which they reply that they currently have “no plans” but will keep it in mind. Perhaps if you Robin fans actually living in the UK can ask for it your requests will carry more weight than mine.

Here’s a little synopsis of the show I was able to gather:

“ON THE HOUSE" depicted the classic 'them-against-us' situation rife in blue-collar trades in Britain in the post-war years. Kenneth Connor starred as Gussie Sissons, chief labourer for house builders Thomas Clackwood and Sons, who pitches his comrades into a series of 'what-about-the-workers?' skirmishes with the exasperated site foreman Charlie Cattermole (played by co-star John Junkin).

Guest stars throughout the series included Hermione Baddeley, Brian Glover, Milo O'Shea, Madeline Smith, Patrick Troughton and Paula Wilcox. In the second series, Derek Griffiths as a carpenter and Robin Askwith as a long-haired idler were added to the regular cast.

The show aired at 7:00pm and there were two series; the first in September/October 1970 (6 episodes), and the second in April/May 1971 (6 episodes).”

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