Friday, September 23, 2011

Horror Hospital shirt!

Starting to run out of Robin appearances to report on. I have a few still banked, but am going to stretch them out, ha ha. So this week I am here to let you know about a really cool shirt I stumbled across while browsing the internet looking for Robin stuff. I'm amazed this even exists! Who but the hardest core b-movie fans would even know what "Hairy Holidays" refers to...and then how many of them would even purchase it? Even me, Robin's most devoted fan :) is pondering if I should or not. 12 year old me would have in a heartbeat! 42 year old me is rationally asking myself, now, where would I wear it, and would I have to explain it to every single person here in small-town Oregon who glances at it quizzically? Hmmm. I will think about it. can get yours at Cafe Press if you want one!

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