Friday, September 9, 2011

Boon – Season 3, episode 8: “Peacemaker” 20 December 1988

Amazon U.K. has this series for sale so I’d been watching the price on it for the past year to see if it’d come down. It finally did come down to an acceptable price so I bought the complete season 3.

Boon was a show that ran from the mid-80s to the early 90s. The story was about an ex-firefighter, Ken Boon (he’d gotten injured on the job and had to go into some other line of work). During the life of the series, he takes on different jobs. In season 3, he operates the “Texas Rangers” a motorbike courier firm, with young longhaired assistant “Rocky”. A few episodes in, he also joins up with friend Margaret’s detective agency. The title sequence shows Boon imagining himself as a “Lone Ranger” type, riding a horse in the Wild West.

So, in “Peacemaker” Robin plays “Bograt” an Ozzy Osbourne type middle-aged rock star who was getting ready to make a comeback…only to get cold feet and run away. His promoters hire Margaret to find him. Ken’s assistant Rocky turns out to be a huge fan and offers to help. Mainly all they do is pester the girlfriend, who also doesn’t know where he is. But, her walls are decorated with “Bograt and the Necros” posters featuring photos of Robin in heavy metal costume. Wonder where those are now??? Also other real photos of a younger Robin, which I’d seen before. Eventually the girlfriend starts coming on to Rocky, and at that moment Bograt walks in and starts a fight.

In the end, Bograt clims up to the top of a rickety platform on a building which is under construction, intending to kill himself. Rocky climbs up after him and they wind up having a heart-to-heart talk. Bograt reveals his insecurities about the comeback, but eventually Rocky talks him into going through with it for the sake of his fans. As they start to come down, Robin slips and almost falls off the building, only to be rescued by Rocky and Margaret, who has also come up.

Robin was okay in this. He over-acted in parts with the “grouchy rock star” attitude. He was better toward the end when he was talking instead of growling, ha ha. His hair was very long but maybe a wig or extensions? It wasn’t very attractive.

I like this show and don’t mind watching the whole of season 3. If it were readily available I’d probably go on to watch all the seasons! Some day when I’m old I think I’ll just spend a year in England watching all their old TV shows. It gets expensive trying to buy them and watch them here!

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