Thursday, April 1, 2010

Queen Kong - 1976

There is no doubt this is the silliest movie ever made. But I just love it! It is not meant to be serious and the actors really play that up. You have to see it to believe it. At the time Robin wrote his autobiography he mentions that the film was never released due to lawsuit problems filed by the “King Kong” people – and he was glad because after seeing it himself, he found it all rather embarrassing. Sorry, Robin, I guess by now everything was resolved because I found a official DVD copy quite easily on Amazon for cheap.

Robin is really at his most beautiful here. Long golden hair bleached by the sun to be the blondest I’d ever seen it. He plays a “Portobello Road hippie” kidnapped by a woman who needs him for a movie she is making in Africa. While there, a tribe of women capture him to sacrifice to the 60 foot tall “Queen Kong”. Who, upon seeing him, does not want to eat him after all, but falls in love with him. She is captured and brought back to London, where she wreaks havoc until Robin manages to talk her out of it and ride off with her into the sunset.

I love the way the women dress him up in flowing white garments and a pink feather boa!

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  1. This is a remarkable film! The glint of light on Rob's teeth in the market place when Luce Habit first sees him - with angelic chorale and repeated FIVE times is one of the most astonishing scenes in all cinema. But everything is grat here - Queen Kongs bra, the extraordinary model work, Valerie Leon saying "Bloody Foreigners" in a bad Chinese accent, the music! Just an amazing film.