Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tower of Evil - 1971

Sadly, a waste of Robin’s time and talent. He plays one of a group of American (huh?) youngsters who take a trip to a foggy and abandoned British island only to get killed off by a mysterious person. Was it a girl in their group who’d gone mad? Or was it someone else who’d already been on the island? More people are sent to find out, while the surviving girl is hypnotized into revealing what had happened to her.

Robin looked great as long as he didn’t have to talk. Because his beautiful British voice was dubbed in with THE dorkiest American voice ever! Ugh, I couldn’t stand it. Half of his charm is his real voice. There wasn’t even a REASON why this group had to be American instead of British. Surprisingly enough, I was glad he was killed off early in the film so I didn’t have to put up with this travesty for very long. When, later on, another good-looking longhaired British guy was on the boat back to investigate the island I wondered why Robin couldn’t’ve had HIS role??? At least Robin mentions in his autobiography that this was the film that led to his getting the starring role in “Horror Hospital” so at least something good came from it!

But, as horror movies go, the story itself wasn’t too bad. If you want a thorough, well-written review of this movie, go here:
- has lots of photos, too!

March, 2012 UPDATE
I changed the photos on here, since I took some better ones. Also, I uploaded a clip featuring Robin here:

and also found the trailer for it here:

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