Tuesday, April 6, 2010

U-571 – 2000

Anxious to see Robin in a more recent role, I rented this one via Netflix. I innocently popped it in the player one Saturday night to watch with my husband. “I think I saw this already,” he commented. “Why did you pick THIS?” knowing full well it is not my preferred genre of movie. “Ummmm….I dunno….” I said with an impish smile. “Oh no.” He realized all too fast. “HE isn’t in this, is he???” I looked guilty. “What role could he possibly play in here?” he demanded. “I don’t know anything about it,” I confessed. “All I know is it said he plays a ‘British Seaman’”. So we settled in to scrutinize every scene to see if we could find him. “That’s him,” Jim says knowingly at an early dinner scene. “That young soldier there. I’d know him anywhere.” I roll my eyes. “In 2000, Robin Askwith is 50 years old. That is NOT him.” “Hmmm. Maybe he aged well?” he suggested. “It’s NOT him.” I was firm about it. Try as we might, we never did find him. Oh well. Weeks later, after doing some research, I learned from someone on the web that he was in a lifeboat of guys shot by the Germans. I did vaguely remember that scene, and reported back to my husband. “Why did he even take such a small part?” he wondered. Um, yes, WHY??? Well, actually, rumor is he did have a much longer scene, but it got cut! Humphs!

All in all, not a bad movie, but if you’re just looking for Robin, no need to bother looking for him here.

Update: just before I published this review, my husband found a VHS copy of this for me at a thrift shop. I dare anyone to find a more loyal husband, willing to hunt through thrift shops to make sure his wife accumulates every last movie made by her favorite movie star. Hehe. So, I went back and found that scene and YES now that I knew it was him saw that it WAS recognizably him. The picture I’ve included here is the ONLY time you will see him, so if you’re not interested in this type of movie, just look at this picture and you can say you’ve seen it. He’s the one standing up on the left of the boat. You hear him a little longer than you see him. He’s calling out, pleading to be rescued by a German ship, but they instead shoot the whole boat. Ugh to those bad, bad, Nazis, preventing Robin from popping up again later in the film!

10/5/10 UPDATE:

This'll be my first attempt to upload a scene to YouTube and embed it here. So fans don't have to wade through this whole movie to see his very very small part. Now, if you are unable to watch this clip, it may be because they took it off for copyright reasons or whatever, not sure how much of a film people are allowed to upload there. So far, it's still up and playable. So here goes:

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