Friday, April 23, 2010

Here Come The Double Deckers: “The Go-Karters” – 1970

You would think that this British TV series would be one of the harder appearances to find, but no! You can view this whole episode on YouTube! Amazing. And I for one am very glad to have not paid for it. It’s a really bad children’s show about a group of kids who make their clubhouse/hangout in some garage that houses a double decker London bus. The kids all have a distinct stereotyped persona: (the smart one, the fat one, the black one, the American one, the girl, the little pre-school aged one…) and you wonder how they got to be friends in the first place. They’re all a little bit annoying as well, they all overact. Loudly. This particular episode revolves around a go-kart they are making to put in a race. Not a lot of dialog, but lots of boring scenes of go-karts speeding around the track and speeding OFF the track. Just hilarious, I suppose, if you’re 5. Now for the reallllllly ridiculous part. Robin plays a “Hell’s Angel” biker guy dressed in a leather jacket who for some reason wants to compete in a children’s go-kart race and tries to sabotage the kids’ cart. Why on earth would a grown up (He’s 20 years old at this point in his life!) tough biker dude care about something like this is beyond me.

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