Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Coronation Street - Feb 5, 2014

Just when I'd gotten lazy about checking to see if Robin's made a re-appearance as "Richie" on this show, I find out a week too late that his role started up again on Feb 5! Frantically I search YouTube for it, hoping whoever's been uploading recent episodes haven't already taken it down, but am out of luck. I get an inspiration and type the episode into a Google search and voilĂ ! I find it on a video site called Daily Motion. This includes text at the bottom of the screen, but oh well, all the better for understanding some of the accents!
Not too much goes on in this episode, Richie just comes into the restaurant and meets with Dennis’ wife Rita and Gloria (the mom of the restaurant owner) and makes some small talk. He has bigger parts in the next few episodes, so stay tuned!

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