Friday, January 17, 2014

Coronation Street - Dec 20, 2013

Right before Robin's scene in this episode there was a story featuring one of the other characters learning to drive in a car with a driving instructor...wonder if that was put in as an inside joke? :)

Anyway, in this episode we see Richie starting to bring the music equipment into the restaurant. The young woman owner complains about the size of the speakers and her mom says condescendingly that she was always that way, even back in the days when she, the mom, was younger and dancing around the kitchen to Marc Bolan.

Getting ready to start, the people are commmenting that a lot of tickets were sold, how Facebook helped publicize, and that it isn't just for young people. Richie comments that "You're only as young as the person you feel!" ha ha

Now...that was the end of Robin that I could see. This is a godawful boring show so I kind of skipped through episodes from Dec 23, Dec 25, and Dec 27 super fast, but seeing no Robin, I deleted them. I hope I didn't miss him. After that I just kind of gave up and forgot about looking for new episodes. Just my luck, I probably missed what I was waiting for: the actual performance scene! Did they have one, did anyone see? And if not, why wouldn't they? Why would they just fizzle out on this very important story that seemed like it could have gone on awhile longer?

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