Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coronation Street - Feb 7, 2014

Part 1: Richie is in the restaurant working out the setlist of songs. He wants to open with Waterloo Sunset, but Dennis thinks it too melancholy and would rather he play original material. Richie says they’ll figure it out later, and he has to use the bathroom, Dennis rolls his eyes, but follows him. When the men have left, the restaurant owner warns Gloria that both of the guys are besotted with her and she can do what she likes with Richie, but leave Dennis alone, his wife Rita is getting suspicious.
Part 2: Richie unloads the van with his band at a club, the Hyde Working Men’s club. They complain how cramped is was back there. Richie tells Gloria she could have ridden up front with him. Robin's really cute in this episode with him and the other characters joking back and forth!

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