Friday, January 14, 2011

Hollyoaks - Jan 5, 2011

STOP THE PRESSES! I actually have a CURRENT Robin appearance to blog about! Hehe. Occasionally I will check into the Twitter website and punch in his name to see if anyone in the world is talking about him. WELL, last time I did that, someone was on saying “Is that Robin Askwith on Hollyoaks?” WTH is Hollyoaks?? I thought, and got to work on searching. Some current UK soap opera revolving around the lives of high schoolers. Hmm! Dashed over to their official website. Typical, they don’t let people outside the UK watch the episodes there. Next stop, YouTube. And some ANGEL of a person actually posts each episode there!

So, quick as that, I got to see the episode with Robin in it! I was never one for soap operas, too overacted and wallowing in heavy drama for my liking. This one seems as dumb as any. But, the kids do wear really cool, super-British school uniforms! Can’t get more British than maroon blazers, gray sweater vests and cute little striped ties. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me tolerate the modern-day teenaged angst though. Please, I’ll take the Bless This House kids back! Now we have to deal with transgender storylines? OK, back on track: One of the teen girls, Texas, has a mom that had promised to hook up one of her friends (who has some sort of band) with her “old agent friend, Earl”. Bingo, Robin! He comes in, leather jacket and shades clad, all smiles and hair. Lookin’ good! (I dragged my husband over to see and asked, “What do you think?” to which he replied, “Can’t tell, with him hiding behind all that hair!” hehe)

So he meets up with the characters at a pub and after the young guy talks about his band, we find out that the mom and “Earl” had a fling in Texas back around the time the daughter, Texas, was conceived. Daughter gets worried, thinking this may be her…dad? “Earl” makes a joke about it, telling her he can really see himself in her. Which is obviously ridiculous…she has very dark hair and features. Actually, she resembles “Carol” in “Cool it Carol”! At the end of the episode, he comes to their apartment to suggest the mom make her comeback as a singer, then they fall into each others’ arms, much to the girl’s dismay.

I watched the episode after this one and no reappearance of Robin yet. It feels like his part should be back, though. As of this writing, no new episodes have been posted. I will keep checking back there and edit this entry if needed!

GREAT to see something current from him!!!!

1/21/11 Update: Just watched the Jan 7 episode. No more Robin yet. The "Texas" character is busy with her friend's wedding, and her mom wasn't there.

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