Friday, January 28, 2011

Arctic Patrol - 1972

Impossible to find ANY reference to this movie online. Go ahead, I dare you! For this entry I’m going to have to rely on the paragraph Robin writes about it in his book. Before filming “Carry On Girls” he spent a month in Lapland doing this documentary about Arctic survival with fellow actor Jeremy Bulloch. They joined the 42 Commando Unit stationed in Bardufoss in the Arctic Circle, north of Norway. He had a lot of fun and enjoyed it very much. Now…how do you SEE this thing????? And where was it originally shown??

2/3/11 update: Well, as it's impossible to contact Robin over the internet, I attempted to contact the other actor in this film, Jeremy Bulloch, who runs his own website. And he responded! His words:
"The only film that I can remember with a name similar to
Arctic Patrol was a documentary I filmed in Norway.
I wish I had a copy of it as it was the coldest weather I
have ever known. I have no photos of this
apart from a still which I used in my book.
Sadly I can't find it.I remember it was one of a number of armed forces documentaries I did in the seventies. I think all copies would have been lost

So cool he actually responded, wasn't it!?!


  1. I have a copy! Anyone attempting to find it will find it only on video. "Life w
    With the marines" featuring "Arctic Patrol" and a 1983 film called "The Royal Marines" (1983) which has nothing to do with Robin. it is a Royal Navy Video (RN3) released in 1987. I found mine on eBay. Good luck.

  2. Wow! At least that gives me SOME hope that there are copies out there! Any chance you could take a photo of your TV and email me a photo of Robin from it I could add to this entry?