Friday, January 7, 2011

Asylum – 2000

Some force out there did not want me to see this film! It is one of those rare Robin movies available on Netflix – so I ordered it. It arrived cracked. Which almost never happens. Maybe 4 previous discs arrived damaged in the 8+ years we’ve been subscribers. So I login to the site and tried to report it damaged, but they had this quirk in their system where, as it arrived at my house before it was actually DUE to arrive, they didn’t allow me to report it yet…thus slowing down their delivery of a replacement disc. Sneaky. I sent it back and reported it a couple days later. Finally my replacement arrives. ALSO cracked! What the …? Repeat process. 3rd disc arrives. Before I open it I joke to my husband that if this one is also cracked there is something weird going on here trying to prevent me from seeing this movie. Guess what? Yep. I sighed and gave up. I sent it back, but did not report it, worrying Netflix would start suspecting ME of something! I did not re-order it, deciding to lay low a few months and hope my luck will turn next time.

What was it with this movie? Put out on cheaply made discs? I looked through the member reviews and one other person had put down a complaint about how this was the 2nd time they received this disc cracked. Hmmm. Maybe it’s not just me. I wonder if at least a little bit of good will come out of it and Robin will make a few extra cents from each new disc Netlfix has to buy!

But wait….now Netflix has stopped carrying the physical disc altogether. Figures. But they do have it on their “Play it Now” feature! Which is definitely a handy thing for me!

The story: A young couple visit the abandoned mental hospital where the woman’s father used to work as a psychiatrist. Her family had lived in a house on the premises. Now she’s having nightmares of her time there and must go back to investigate. Lots of long scenes of them wandering around the halls, etc. Shades of Horror Hospital! But alas, the young guy is not Robin and thus the first half is pretty dull. Robin makes a mysterious appearance 18 minutes in to the film, but it is not explained who his character exactly is.
He’s a junkie who wakes up, realizes something, and goes out to do something.
Where exactly is he? On the grounds of the Asylum? It was very confusing. Anyway, once the young couple arrive, the murder starts. The old caretaker is killed, then the young man. We don’t see Robin again until an hour and 5 minutes into the film,
then he happily gets quite a bit of screentime.
Turns out 3 former hospital inmates (of whom he is one) have all been inexplicably drawn back there this night as well. They have been having the same nightmares as the daughter their whole lives, nightmares in which they have killed the daughter’s mom so long ago. Only we find out that these memories have been planted…by the girl’s father…the doctor! Who shows up himself at this point to explain…but goes on to say that he is NOT the killer either, and doesn’t know who is. Until….one more person shows up…could they be the killer? Hmmm…

Nice psychological thriller. Like I said, the first part is slow-going, but the end really has you thinking and re-thinking after you think you have it figured out. Robin does well in the role of a haggard mental patient-turned-heroin addict.
The other characters were pretty dull but he was fun to watch, brought a little bit of humor to his otherwise dark role.

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