Friday, September 3, 2010

Cool it, Carol! – 1970 Aka The Dirtiest Girl I Ever Met

Joe (Robin) and Carol are small-town kids working in dead-end jobs. Joe is a butcher’s assistant, Carol pumps gas. Carol reminds me of a British version of the girl who plays “Jackie” on “That 70s Show”! To impress her, Joe tells her of connections he has in London, how he’ll be going there on business and did she want to come along? She, with dreams of a modeling career, agrees. On the train, she shows her adventurous nature by disrobing and trying to seduce him, but he nervously can’t keep up with her.

Upon getting to London they check into a hotel and hit the nightlife. Joe gambles away most of their savings and Carol makes out with some guys they’d just met. Joe tries to keep up his charade of having an important job to report to, but little by little she realizes he has been all talk. They wander around, hungry, trying to figure out something when she suddenly she decides to try her hand (just for fun) at playing prostitute. Eventually they find a sleazy older guy (who also played a sleazy sort in “Four Dimensions of Greta!”) who agrees to take them over to his place. As he has his way with her in the bedroom, Joe nervously stands by in the living room. When through, they agree to come back another time….but when they do, they find he has invited a whole group of guys waiting to get a piece of Carol’s action! What can they do but go along with it? Joe frets again in the living room, but in the end at least now they have some money to live on. Carol is upset over the whole thing, and Joe assures her she won’t have to do that again. They do instead find themselves talked into making a pornographic film together. This is when we get to see young Robin naked! But, alas, the shifty camera barely gives us a glimpse of his backside now and then and mainly focuses on the leering men surrounding the bed watching!

Eventually she breaks into modeling, and her career takes off. Joe comes along for the ride, as her manager. She gets a little huffy now and then about this, but mostly enjoys their new lavish lifestyle as they check into a luxury hotel and throw decadent parties.

They soon come to realize they are not happy after all and wind up back on the train to their old town and their old lives.

I must say, Robin really out-Brian Joneses Brian Jones in this one! His hair is perfect. He wears flamboyant late 60s/early 70s fashions and flowing scarves around his neck. He is young and vibrant and glowing! Whew. And he plays this “serious” role very nicely, very believably.

One of the easier films to find – even Netflix has it!

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