Friday, August 20, 2010

Tuf Boots Advertisement – 1971

Super quick review for this one, but when I say I want to review everything Robin ever filmed, you have to now give me points for being thorough! I found this on YouTube. He doesn’t speak, and is only in the ad for a few seconds. A bunch of men are modeling boots. He comes out in his pair in classic Robin style, making the most of his few seconds, giving a skip and a twirl, long hair bouncing all over the place. Mmmmm.


I'd previously seen this in a compilation of adverts. Now I've just come across another copy of it - better quality, even - and it's all alone! It says 1974 on it, but elsewhere I'd read it's from 1971, so who knows. you go!


  1. Can't find this on YouTube either. link please?

  2. I remember it was in one of those "1970s British adverts" compilations - but now I can't remember the exact title of it! I've been watching a bunch of them to find any Robin I can but so far this was it.

  3. Finally found it! Enjoy!