Friday, August 6, 2010

LOST! The Borderers – 1970 – Season 2, episode 7: “The Quacksalver”

Well, another show I’ll never be able to see.

According to the Lost UK TV shows website at: this is one of the missing episodes of this show. Too bad. But, I’m going to assume Robin’s role of “Hewie Heriot” was not a very big one? Who knows. Sheesh, I wish the British would keep better hold of their old TV shows! There is a little summary of it at: and Wikipedia has a great description page of it at: Their basic summary of the show is:

“A historical drama series, The Borderers was set during the 16th century and chronicled the lives of the Ker family, who lived in the Scottish Middle March on the frontier between England and Scotland.”

And their summary of Robin’s episode is:

“The Quacksalvers trick their way into Slitrig, and Gavin has to decide whether they should be pitied or are rogues.”

Oh well. Perhaps one day someone will “find” the lost episodes of it!

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