Friday, September 24, 2010

Beryl’s Lot – “Dancing Lessons” – Season 1, episode 4 - 1973

Back to this series. I’m trying to make them last, as I only have 6 episodes of them! This 4th episode, though, is getting to be somewhat tedious and formulaic. Again the story is about aging housewife Beryl, now fully enrolled in night school classes at the local college. Her husband again feeling pushed aside in their relationship. Robin’s character Fred again bickering with their teenaged daughter Rosie. Nice part of this episode is you get to see Robin’s nicely shaped, somewhat tanned shoulders as he lounges around the kitchen in a tight wifebeater style undershirt! Main theme of this one is that the college is giving a dance and she wants to go. Husband does not…she does anyway….followed by Rosie, some nosy neighbors, and Robin’s Fred so as to keep an eye on her!

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