Friday, January 18, 2013

Run For Your Wife 2013 Preview!!!

Guess what! Looks like Robin's in a brand new film! "Run for your Wife", which is based on a play he appeared in a few years back. Don't know what character he played in that, but from this preview it looks like he has a small part as a bus driver. In the clip below, a preview of his part can be seen starting at 3:25, and then there is a brief bit of him being interviewed. The movie itself looks a bit silly, and I wonder if it'll ever make its way over here to the U.S. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope it shows up on Netflix's foreign movie "instant streaming" selection. They always seem to carry a ton of them, especially the really bad ones, probably because they get them for pretty cheap.


  1. Hi Su

    “Run For Your Wife” is a comedy written by Ray Cooney and Robin played the lead character of John Smith, a taxi driver, a happily married man with two households and two wives unaware of the others existence. He starred in the stage play for a long run at the Criterion Theatre, London in 1984 and toured New Zealand and the UK in 1987, playing a summer season on the Isle of Jersey in 1989 and undertook another tour of the UK in 1994. His appearance at The Mill in Sonning in 2012/13 in “Caught In The Net” was also written by Cooney and a sequel to “Run For Your Wife”

    You can read more about this film here:


  2. Can always count on you to fill in the details! Nice that Robin had the lead role in the play and would have been super-nice if he had the same role in the film! I would have to buy the DVD then!