Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ray's Daily Diary

Cute little 2 minute video clip from "Ray's Daily Diary", where Ray Cooney, writer/director of the 2013 comedy "Run For Your Wife", comes to visit Robin and chat over tea and biscuits. Wish it were longer! Or described where they were! I'm assuming it's somewhere he's staying while in England doing his play, plus it definitely looks like England out of his window. A rented condo or his own? And a dog! Wish he introduced us to him/her and told us its name. And...Linda Hayden?!? Are they back together? Or is she just there because she has a part in this new film too? So many questions! Robin looks great! Linda doesn't really look like herself to me, and she seems a little grumpy. I want to see MORE! Sheesh. Two minutes of nothing having been said is a little annoying. But, fun to watch nonetheless!

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