Friday, August 3, 2012

2005 interview part 2

In this part of the interview, Robin briefly fills us in on how he got his part in "Canterbury Tales" (although those of us who read his book already know!) and how he just recently saw the movie himself at an Italian film festival! Imagine being in a movie you've never seen before! Oh, those blase celebrities! ha ha. He also covers what Sid James was like, and how he worked on "several episodes of" Fenn Street Gang and Please Sir! -um, really, "several episodes"? I wish! I would have liked him to elaborate further on why, after Robin started the "Confessions" films the producer and director of the "Carry On" films "never spoke to him again". Was there a lot of competition between the two series? Richard Gordon is then brought on. They first talk about "Tower of Evil"...which leads me to wonder if the VHS copy I have has some parts cut out or what? I don't recollect Robin's character talking about jazz festivals OR being crawled all over by crabs. I will have to watch that one again, I guess, or find a DVD version of it to see if I've missed some scenes.

They start to chat about "Horror Hospital" when this segment comes to an end. I love watching Robin when the focus is on someone else talking, hehe, his cute personal mannerisms and such...

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