Friday, July 27, 2012

2005 interview part 1

Darrell Buxton has been kind enough to post his 2005 interview with Robin on YouTube! It was held at the Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester. I've been dying to see this one, which up until now could only be seen as an "extra" on the German DVD of Horror Hospital (which I've mentioned here before but still have not bought).

This is really fun to watch! I've never seen this much of Robin just talking as himself and not acting before.

Robin seems like a lot of fun, very outgoing and enthusiastic. Darrell does a good interview, keeps things flowing nicely, asks good questions that are different than the usual I keep hearing over and over again. In this segment, he gets Robin reflecting on "what an interesting way some people think of his career...shagging his way through show business" and how his intent really was to be a classical actor. He has good humor as he describes this, but you can tell he enjoys talking about his earlier, non sex-comedy days.

Funny how he dares anyone in the audience to have a copy of Hans Brinker! Is it still that rare in the UK to get ahold of? Probably not, I would guess? I got my VHS copy in some bargain bin some time ago.

Robin is just SO sharp and quick with everything! You can tell by just watching this he has a brilliant mind and memory! And so full of life and energy! He really is quite a unique person.


  1. I can't recall ever seeing Hanks Brinker for sale in a shop in the UK. I got my DVD off ebay or amazon a few years ago (I can't remember which). I don't think it cost that much.


  2. I also have a UK DVD of Hans Brinker, prior to that I bought an American video of it, which I still have.