Friday, December 31, 2010

"Mission Improbable: Confessions of an Astronaut" - 2001

Did a little internet search and came up with this description of this game show, on which Robin was once a contestant:
Mission Improbable...challenges two teams of celebs you've heard of somewhere before to make movie magic (or something) on a budget of £750 given 48 hours, a title, a few production-y type people and three bizarre and random things to try and include in the film for extra bonus points...The films are judged out of 50 by the B-list celebrity judge.
Go look at the page...there's a couple more pix of Robin on it. Short-haired this year, must've been just after filming "U-571". Sounds like a lot of fun, I'd love to see how his film turned out!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alladin, 2010

All you lucky fans in the U.K. have a chance to see Robin this holiday season in a play!

ID Pantomimes Limited presents
In association with Lincoln Theatre Royal
Back by popular demand CANNON & BALL as

Wednesday 15 December 2010 to Sunday 16 January 2011

The story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp is one of the most popular tales of all time.
Cannon and Ball will be returning to Lincoln Theatre Royal with their wonderful brand of anarchic banter and knock-about humour to play the Chinese Policemen. Joining them is Robin Askwith (Gary in Benidorm), one of the best ‘baddies’ ever to appear in pantomime. Also starring is Michelle Hardwick (Lizzie Hopkirk in The Royal) and Lincoln’s very own Steve Barclay as Widow Twankey.

I feel like just ordering tickets for one of the shows and be content in the fact that there's an empty seat for me there, watching the show for me. Sniff sniff.

He does seem to be in a lot of these type of plays, though, so maybe one day I'll get lucky. These are called "Pantomime" shows, which aren't what we in America think of pantomime. From what I've gathered, they're family friendly shows featuring a well-known story, usually performed around the holidays. Audiences can participate in some parts, like booing the bad guy. Sounds like fun. Actually, we have one that is sort of like that here in my town of Astoria, Oregon called "Shanghaied in Astoria". It really fits the mold of an English Pantomime show, with the comedy and singing and flamboyant characters and a big bad guy to hiss at. Robin would be just perfect in it, hint hint ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Stagg’s Night – 1983

Another film I can’t find! I also barely can even find any info about it!

Here’s the summary the British Film Institute website had on it:

Slapstick comedy based on the stag night of a chef.”

And Robin does get top billing, from the list of castmembers:

Cast Member ASKWITH, Robin
Cast Member AUKER, David
Cast Member SAVAGE, Mike
Cast Member ANDREWS, Joanna

So hmmm! Anyone out there see it? Want to give us a little review of it?? Was it a theater release? A made-for-TV movie? Why is this one so elusive??

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Robin's a Tintin fan!

Found another page from someone who attended that "Memoribilia Show" I mentioned a couple weeks back - and here's a short interview he did with Robin, as well as another pic! My fave part is that Robin mentions his fave superhero is Tintin! Wow! Mine too! Ever since I was in 3rd grade and discovered the Tintin books at our local library. Only me and one other kid in class really loved him. Most American kids then just had no clue. Tintin "stuff" was very hard to find here, especially in those pre-internet days. So imagine my happiness when I got over to London at age 19 and found all kinds of cool Tintin collectibles to buy! Ah, Robin, we again think alike!

Friday, December 3, 2010

The Fenn Street Gang – 1971

This is the spin-off of the Please, Sir! series reviewed last time. It focuses on the lives of the 5C class who graduated from Fenn Street school at the end of the 3rd season and their jobs in the real world. The 4th season of Please Sir! was on the air at the same time as the 1st season of Fenn Street Gang, so stories sometimes entertwined. Like when Sir decides to quit Fenn Street school and no longer appears on that show…a few of the episodes of FSG will show what he’s up to.

So that brings us to Robin’s episode. It aired a week before his episode of Please Sir! Aired, and he plays the same character. In this, he is sitting in the unemployment office chatting with one of the former 5C class members when Sir walks in, also in need of a job. He looks amazing. I think 1971 was his best “hair” year. His part is not that big though, they really could’ve had anyone in that role. Later on in the episode he gets a job as an in-store demonstration salesman for a juicer named “The Wizard”. Funny, as we were just in Costco a few weeks back watching a similar demonstration, minus the hot ‘70s guy. While he is making his presentation, unfortunately the camera is focused on the Sir character yakking to other people, while you barely see Robin in the background. Until near the end when Sir comes over and asks him something. Hilariously, Robin tries to turn off the juicer and it explodes and the power goes out. So anyway, yeah, this is loosely the same character of “Eddie” that he plays in Please Sir. And this one aired first, so when in Please Sir he is hanging out in the pool hall boasting that he’s a man of the world because he “had a job”, this is probably what he is referring to.

Happily, the guy I found who was selling this series was happy to negotiate and let me purchase only season 1 (containing the Robin episode) for a reduced price. I’m willing to accept that there were no surprise Robin appearances in any later episodes (there were 2 more seasons), but feel free to let me know otherwise if you know differently! I did get through all the episodes of this season but don’t feel any need to learn what happens further to these characters.