Friday, December 17, 2010

Stagg’s Night – 1983

Another film I can’t find! I also barely can even find any info about it!

Here’s the summary the British Film Institute website had on it:

Slapstick comedy based on the stag night of a chef.”

And Robin does get top billing, from the list of castmembers:

Cast Member ASKWITH, Robin
Cast Member AUKER, David
Cast Member SAVAGE, Mike
Cast Member ANDREWS, Joanna

So hmmm! Anyone out there see it? Want to give us a little review of it?? Was it a theater release? A made-for-TV movie? Why is this one so elusive??


  1. This film was a short 25-minutes film. It was very much in the mould of the film 'The Plank'. All the dialogue was speeded up, so everyone sounded like Pinky and Pewrky on helium. It was originally released a support feature to the Cannon and Ball film. 'The boys in Blue', but, sadly, is not available on DVD or video (nor is it on the DVD/Video of that Cannon and Ball film). I did see this when it was at the cinema and it also featured snooker player, Alex Higgins. The basic story was Robin as Robin stagg and what happened the night before his wedding.

  2. THANKS for this extra info! Perhaps some day it'll be released. But, honestly, even with Robin in it, those speeded-up kind of shows are never that appealing to I guess no big loss if I never get to see it.