Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Emmerdale - Aug 3, 2015

Been waiting a bit to see if I could find the complete episode of this appearance on YouTube, but so far this is all I've found, a minute and a half clip. So...not sure if he was on again later in the episode. If anyone knows, or if anyone knows where to find the complete episode, I'd love to hear from you!

Anyway, not much to say about this. His character comes to town with what looks like a traveling carnival. He'd just been in Amsterdam and knows one of the townspeople here, much to the dismay of the other townspeople. Looks like another silly soap otherwise. Their accents are so thick I really can only decipher about 50% of what they're saying, even Robin! And I'm someone who has watched a lot of shows from the UK. YouTube's CC feature doesn't seem to understand what they're saying either! :P

Here's the clip:

and here's one more clip from the episode, where you can kind of see Robin sitting in the background, but doesn't have a speaking part:

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