Friday, October 24, 2014

GamesMaster S03-E16 - Dec 23, 1994

Just when I was losing hope of ever seeing a new (to me) Robin appearance again, I get word from Robin’s #1 fan Robert, telling me about this appearance!

It is some kind of British game show about teams who compete against each other playing video games. Hmm. Gotta admit, I wouldn’t care to watch this program willingly. It’s pretty dull. Who finds watching others play videogames interesting?

It’s hard for me to understand what’s going on at first, but it looks as though there’s three teams from Christmas pantomime shows playing around England at the time, and two of them are both called Dick Whittington, one from Croydon and one (Robin’s team) from Bath. Robin is nicely dressed up in costume as the “Captain of the Ship”. The other team is Alladin from Woking.

After the first round, we get treated to 1990s videogame recommendations from some I guess famous gaming nerds of the day, talking very seriously about what hot new hi-tech features each has. While we in the future look back and laugh.

Two rounds in, Robin still hasn’t played, but the Dick Wittingtons from Croydon have been eliminated, and Robin’s team is still safe –whew- and in the lead!

Break for Santa Claus (this is Christmastime, you know) to come in and play one game challenge with his daughter, Nicola, a cute name you never hear anyone named here in America, but seems very popular over there. Brian Connolly of the Sweet named his daughter that. And she wins! Okay, enough of that, I’m tired of waiting for Robin!

But no, time out for some kids who ask video game advice.

Ah, finally, Robin’s back in view. He’s competing against a woman from the Alladin team, some mind-numbingly boring looking game where you have to get characters parachuted down a block of ice and into a cottage. Yes, that seems to be the extent of that game. The woman goes first and gets 45%. Then Robin’s up! He doesn’t strike me as much of a videogamer, so I’m curious as to how he’ll do, although the announcer says he’s been practicing. Love the adorable look of concentration on his face as he gives it his all. And…he wins! 60%! Way to go, Robin!

Seems very appropriate he won the “Golden Joystick” wink wink.

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