Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Coronation Street - Feb 17, 2014

Dennis is moping in a bar with Gloria serving drinks. Richie comes in, having been texted by Gloria (ah…is it as easy as that? Just text Robin and he’ll come to you? ;) ) to drop by because Dennis needs some cheering up. He tells them he was going to stop by and see them anyway because he was on his way to the airport and had a car waiting outside. (Cute vintage Robin bit here – Dennis asks if he smells a groupie in a singsong voice and Richie responds in a Timmy Lea fashion that no, it’s just his aftershave, ha ha) Anyway, he says, a promoter of his from the old days wants him to go touring in Eastern Europe and he’s leaving. Gloria gets huffy about him ditching them, but Dennis seems relieved that it’s all over. At the end Dennis and Rita make up and celebrate with champagne.

And I suppose that’s the final exit of our hero from “Coronation Street”.

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