Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy 63rd birthday, Robin!

Birthday time again for our fave actor!

Wishing him all the best. There hasn't been much news to post lately, so that's why this blog has been quiet. I did see where he made an appearance at the London Film Memorabilia Convention on Sept 21, but I've not read any reports of how it went. But the best upcoming news I've heard is that he'll soon be appearing again on some episodes of "Coronation Street"! Details and a nice recent photo of him can be seen here:

'Coronation Street' casts Robin Askwith as rocker Ritchie

Don't know when that will start, but am looking forward to finally having something to review here again! :)

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  1. i will definitely be watching this-- i love corrie anyway and i missed his last appearance in it a few years back