Friday, April 12, 2013

It's a Celebrity Knockout! 1978

Good news! The 2nd "It's a Celebrity Knockout" game show Robin played on has surfaced recently on YouTube!

As you might remember, I talked about the 1977 one in this post. This is more of the same. You don't see Robin too much, he mainly runs around with buckets of water, and you can also (not) see him hidden inside a big monkey suit at the beginning. He doesn't get to say anything, unfortunately, like some of the other players do. He's on the "Lord's Taverners" team and they win! Yay! You can watch the whole show here: And read all the details about it here ! Now we have to hope the 1979 one will become available soon! And...happy HALF birthday to Robin! I always remember this, because his HALF birthday is on my son's birthday! So happy birthday to my new little TEN year old as well! :)

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