Friday, September 7, 2012

Phoebe “Vanessa” Shaw

Last time I mentioned this co-star of Robin’s in “Horror Hospital” and that got me wondering if she had done any other movies. It turns out she was in just a few, and they were all during that same time period as HH. Guess HH was her biggest role, the others seem to be brief, no-character-name appearances. This one was the easiest to view:

The File of the Golden Goose – 1969
Yul Brynner stars as U.S. Secret Service agent Peter Novak in Sam Wanamaker's London-based thriller. Novak goes undercover with Scotland Yard officer Thompson (Edward Woodward) to halt a murderous gang of counterfeiters known as the Golden Goose. Although Peter is unsure about John's loyalties, the two infiltrate the gang and win the trust of thug Nick "The Owl" Harrison (Charles Gray) before enduring a series of double-crosses.

Netflix had it on its “Play instantly” list, so I quickly scanned through each frame on my computer until I spotted her playing a dancing hippie in some party scene which Yul Brynner bursts in and breaks up. No talking part, but she does do a good “Horror Hospital” esque scream!

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  1. Great find Su, the only other film I’ve seen her in, apart from HH, is the 1972 comedy ‘ooh, you are awful’