Friday, October 28, 2011

The Festival of Fantastic Films, Oct 21-21, 2011

Got word from a couple people that Robin appeared at The Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, England, to speak and sign autographs.

A guy who writes the "The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth" blog went and took some fantastic photos that really capture Robin's personality well. Love the ones where he's flashing a huge happy smile. Great to see current photos of him as a 61 year old! Some people change so much as they grow older...Robin is still VERY much Robin Askwith, isn't he?

Soooo jealous I cannot be in England to go to these events! You know, I keep hearing of events happening or movies or shows being filmed in or taking place in, or bands being from Manchester lately. Is Manchester the new London these days?


  1. Great pics! (I'm even in one of them, that's me in the white t-shirt). Robin's still looking just like he always did, Su, you're right.

  2. I was at Manchester in October as well and had a chat with the great Robin Askwith.