Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beryl’s Lot “Definitely Very Chilly” (Season 1, episode 5) – 1973

Haven’t watched this show in awhile because I only have 6 episodes and want to make them last! :) Lots going on in this one. Beryl’s taking a French class in night school and decides to invite a group of fellow students over for a French discussion group. But, as luck would have it, she comes home to find her husband tearing apart and trying to remodel the living room! She also gets into an argument with her employer (the owner of a small inn) and is fired.

Robin’s story: Fred invites Beryl’s daughter Rosie to a classical music concert. She is still in denial about liking such a nerdy fellow and tells him she has other plans. So, instead he takes Millie (I think that was the name?), a rather uncouth gal who works with Rosie at the beauty parlor. Rosie is annoyed and makes disparaging remarks all through tea. Fred is confused, since after all, he HAD invited her first!

The date goes badly. Millie isn’t into classical music. So cute when a surprised Fred says to her, “It's not POP music!” hehe. Mr. Pop Performer himself. She tries to talk him into making out afterward, but again he is confused and leaves without even kissing her goodnight. More to laugh about…a good “confused and naïve Timmy Lea” foreshadowing here…although the girls in his case are just a BIT more aggressive, aren’t they??

In the end, the living room gets done in the nick of time, with Fred’s help, and Rosie winds up daring Fred to giver HER a big kiss. Only to dash off angrily, making him MORE confused. Poor Fred.

Here's the best scene:

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