Friday, October 8, 2010

The Journey – 1982

Going through Robin’s film listings, I found this one that really doesn’t “fit in” with the rest of his body of work. Its synopsis: “Christmas story told through animation and 16th century Flemish drawings, with carols and extracts from the Bible.” And Robin is credited with doing the “music”. Interesting. I was not aware he dabbled in music composition. It is just 30 minutes long and was shown on Dec 24, 1982 in Britain. Would be interesting to hear how he got involved with something like this, but it is not mentioned in his book. Wonder if it’s trotted out every year over there or is instead stuck on a back shelf somewhere and long forgotten. Nevertheless, I’ll file this one away under “Will never get to see”.


  1. The listing for the programme at the time read: "Using 16th-century Flemish paintings and contempary graphic designs, 'The Journey' tells the Christmas story, starting with Joseph and Mary arriving in Bethlehem. The carols are sung by Kim Goody and Gordon Neville and arranged by Tom Parker. The programme is narrated by Robin Askwith, who also gives readings from the Bible. Graphics designed by Bernard Allum." It has ever been shown on British TV since its original transmission.

  2. Thanks for the additional info, Robert! That makes it sound even more enjoyable, with Robin doing the narration. Seems like a program that would have a wide appeal, so odd no one thinks of releasing it now. Especially for the holidays.